3 Bizarre Ab Exercises For YOUR Summer 6-Pack

Here’s the 2nd video with my good friend Sukru and Burok, 2 pretty-boy fitness models and 2 of my good training partners. You can add them on Facebook: Artus S. Burak Aksoy Both in the Hamilton, ON area. Sukru has one of the craziest 6 packs you’ll ever see on video. He flashes them for a great shot around 4:36 minutes. Between my two good friends and I, you’ll learn 3 bizarre and challenging ab movements to get a shredded stomach for summer. Yes, even ladies can do these moves and when you combine Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (MeltFatNotMuscle.com next week, with these exercises, man oh man… you’re going to SHOCK your friends when get into a swimsuit this summer! Watch what Sukru does at 7 INSANE: Then Burok demonstrates a CRAZY “show off” exercise. Tomorrow, I got one more video of straight up 6 pack abdominal exercise. We’ll talk about early morning cardio, sugar, booze, partying and how to live a lifestyle to get YOUR ripped abs. Summer is ALMOST here!!! Questions? Post them under the video! Talk soon Vince


#1 WillTheManic

sukru is legit

#2 africabatic2

Why work out in the morning on an empty stumoch ?????????????? somebody please answer, i dont understand that

#3 afghanrocky

its funny the way vince breaths and gets pissed off when he cant complete the sets

#4 vampirehunter3000

What means *Jim* ? I’m from Denmark

#5 TheUsernameAndrew

dang crazy workouts i think vince has been shown up : ) keep up the good work

#6 richivolei

Great set of abs exercises!!!


how many times should i run a week to drop my body fat?im skinny/ fast metabolism and dont wanna burn muscle too.

#8 rayray9594

Ok. the excercises are good. the information given is good. but If ANYONE watching this video is stupid enough to think for a second that these guys are NATURAL builders you’re smoking crack. You can see the acne scars on the skinnier guy doing the sets in the beginning of the video when the camera zooms in and at 3:14 you can see the acne scars on “Skinny Vinny”. Come ob, your work and results are good, but don’t talk crap about being natural. You’re far from natural. users know users :)

#9 Vapourx7

9:30 wasnt gay at all

#10 pereramohan

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#11 gfjgfjhhjfgurte

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#12 speccy112

@mhrockstar try a year before summer lol

#13 speccy112

@ugot1lifetolive hehehe lol legend that made me krak up so hard lol

#14 mttukhighintensity

ok I tried the hanging one and god damn it hurts and its F****g hard!!

nice one!

#15 fghfjytihytituiuyt

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#16 blackwater751

d best…

#17 58simsek58

Isnt it Sukru and burak.. thats the turkish name but oke.. Nicee wokouts

#18 ThePookumz

lol FORGET THE SITUATION THIS AINT THE JERSEY SHORE LOL i lovvveee this work out these guys doo i only can do ten no more than that ur videos have really helped me to get ripped a lil bit — thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkssss

#19 mhrockstar

Oh p.s. I’m probably at 12-15% body fat.

#20 mhrockstar


#21 mhrockstar

How much sooner for summer would one start dieting and losing fat in order to get wicked six pack abs showing?

#22 inyourpresence7

for the first excersise sukrus doing, wouldnt he be working his arms more than the obliques?

#23 nbandy3

@1161741 thanks bro, fanks heaps

#24 1161741

@nbandy3 listen man im 16 and i know exactly what your talkin about when u say the flab. i had it for years and i had a four pack but the lower two were always covered by that little layer of fat. right now tho i have a fully visible six pack. you can get one too i promise but you need to eat STRICT. and do the HIIT of course. but diet is actually more important believe it or not

#25 herzlos07

Dissapointment ! Vince you look very FAT!

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