16yrs old / Male / LeanBody / 5′6 ft / 132 pounds / HELP WITH DIET AND WORKOUT (ABS)?

I have a lean body but i have a bit of a belly not a super bulley :p but i got a bit of FAT down there id like to make my abs stand out without having to make effort and i want the “V” to stand out also. What are the best exercises and diet for this? Also the best time to to abs exercise before or after workout… THANKS :)

16 year old
Lean Body
Weight: AROUND 132pounds
Height (in feet) : 5′6


#1 Skylar

Yo bro im 16 too. I do a couple of things to get ripped abs.. 1 thing i do is when I do a situp, i do the situps where you touch your left elbow to your right knee and your right elbow to your left knee (I dont know the name lol)..and that helps your V and another thing is take a 10-15 lbs weight and put it behind your head/neck and do normal sit ups! :D hope i helped

#2 Umair Shah

Get the video set for Insanity Workout. Follow the steps exactlly and you will be fitter than ever. Here is a link http://pledgetostayfit.com/insanity-workout

#3 BxMuscle

Reducing the fat around the abs requires burning the excess calories that are being converted into that spare tire. More aerobic exercise and/or fewer calories is always the way to do that. Running, biking, high impart sports like basketball or soccer are just a few ways to do this. Find which ones you like and can do consistently.

Abs are like any other muscle groups: they require exercise to become better developed and more shapely. Like other muscles they are arranged into groups. Upper, mid, lower and side are the major ones. Google “abdominal exercises” to find some info and vids demonstrating the best ways to identify and exercise each group for the results you want.

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