12 Minute Fat Burning Circuit Workout

Here’s a really short workout for all of those people who are too busy to get a good workout because of busy schedules. Sometimes it’s hard to take time and workout, but this one just takes 12 minutes and it really wears you out. Make sure you’re doing all of the exercises with full intensity – it’s especially important with this specific workout because it’s only 12 minutes. Let me know what you guys think. Facebook: www.facebook.com Music by: Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com Music by: Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com Chipper, Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ http Music by: Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com Down Home Rockin, Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ http


#1 daredevil7111

300 spartan workout are more good :-? in my opinion :-? ?


@kevinFahring1324 No, he’s doin pull-ups, chins is when you have the backside of youre hand towards you

#3 soldierside365

your toothpaste’s diet is better.. ;)

#4 iPump786

im not hating but i dont think this is effective, you’re only working 1 muscle with only 1 exercise except for legs, thats not effective? and the exercises you’re doing doesn’t get your adrenaline and metabolism going in order for you to burn fat/sweat e.g chin ups and dumbell rows. its a weird combination. check out Mike Changs upper body circuit training and his lean/fat burning circuit training. im not hating just giving out advice :)

#5 Spartanfsb

and he didnt even go down to full arm extension

#6 suziheslop

P 90 man!!!!!

#7 ZehAnonymous

One question: if this circuit of yours REALLY works, who does my toothpaste have more definition than you do?

#8 futureusmc100

@blasfooot no hes got it right u were backwards. not trying to be mean


I burned 2 KG by just dong sit-Ups

#10 lukeoj

the last thing u wana do is fat burning workouts it looks like u may need to put a few pounds on

#11 HiMeep

WTF wer is the part where u take ur shirt off. no homo

#12 kevinFahring1324

ummm… on number 2, those were chin ups, pull ups are the other way

#13 tspragg1

@Manuelcr7 not for weight loss

#14 MrHealthy38

I love it!

#15 blasfooot

Ron weasley getting stronger!!

#16 jaylov168

what is a good post workout meal to take after a high intensity cardio work, and how many minutes should I wait before It consume it?

#17 Manuelcr7

to low intensity

#18 CarlMusicUK

Was that recorded in Tenerife?? One part looked a lot like where I stayed :P

#19 TomcioGKS

u need to work on ur legs

#20 LOLbtwOMG

Could you suggest an alternative to pull ups?


@babyface0514 LMAOO tell him to take protein shakes or creatin it helps ;) . And thx for the compliment :)

#22 babyface0514

@MELLAD4 u could deadlift that much at ur age. hell im almost 23 n my lil guy is 16 n maxes his bench at 250. n he only weighs like 150

#23 babyface0514

i always been a bigger guy but im gettin in better shape now. but wat i dont get is why you only really working the upper body. cause when it comes down to it, the lower body will always beat the person with an upper body. good workout but i was just wondering why u dont do leg workouts.

#24 leganjan

prety good exercises, but i dont agree with 3 one.(too easy for short exercise)


#25 tohottospicy

@flyntmd omg thats approx 30 kg thats loads on one arm :O

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