10 Pound Slimdown Lower Body Circuit Workout – Exercisetv.tv

Chris Freytag’s 10 Pound Slimdown Lower Body Workout tones the lower body to help you burn calories and work your buns, legs and thighs. For more Exercise TV Workout Videos and Products, go to bit.ly


#1 lemmeborrowthttop

@DisP0keB0y its a series of multiple workouts… for the entire body not just this.. duh

#2 noiryork

This lady probably could bench me……sighhhh!

#3 fgjghjafsf

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#4 WillowXana

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#5 MelMelxMelody

Is there something I shouldn’t do, so that my arms won’t bulk up like hers?

#6 Jackiegirrl

@DisP0keB0y Don’t knock it til you try it. These workouts are intense. I haven’t weighed myself, but I look better every time do them. And I am not obese. I am 120 and I want to loose 10. They really make you sweat. I watch them for free on Time Warner on the excercise channel.

#7 Jackiegirrl

@DisP0keB0y Don’t knock it til you try it. I do these on Time Warner On Demand and they are intense. I haven’t weighed myself yet, but my clothes are bigger on me.

#8 mylove1

@ExerciseTV are you sure there are full episodes there? i went there and it’s only 2 min worth of videos.

#9 jasque

@ExerciseTV Are the videos still up and free? Recently I only get a blank screen.

#10 ExerciseTV

@shadow9Ox Yes there is! At Exercise TV’s website.

#11 ExerciseTV

@divalee08 Your right, most the videos we post are just teasers. They are meant as a small preview of the types of workouts you should be doing to get in shape.

#12 Anngirly

this exercises are really good i did it twice and it felt great, on exercise tv site is whole workout (22min) thns 4 share this part::)

#13 aboturky231


#14 DisP0keB0y

WTF, how is doing this gonna help someone lose 10 pounds??!!unless some1 is really obese this is not gonna work

#15 toobiemaker

That would destroy my knee. She’s nuts.

#16 divalee08

this must be jus a teaser for the 10lb thing. i think ull have to go to exerciseTV for more

#17 BibiKajol

Thank you I need this

#18 msgbhb

Great Page I need this !!

#19 BladeJones

Everyone knows you can’t lose weight in one specific area (ex- lower body). LOL. Your body loses weight uniformly all over.

#20 shadow9Ox

@caraber89 i agree…is there a full video somewhere else??

#21 camp1991

You can get the entire workout plus 4 other videos on ExerciseTV. Its not free though which sucks but its only $15 to be 10 lbs lighter in 8 weeks!

#22 yeahokay1100

is she serious this will help you loose 10 pounds?

#23 tianani1

@keithharkinishott and the hand weights?

#24 tianani1

@xoaries But what about the hand weights?

#25 xoaries

@keithharkinishott no, it’s not. It starts with part of a warm up, shows ONE move, and then ends with ONE cool down. that’s not an entire workout.

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