10 minutes in the morning (full body workout)

yes i made dis… this video will save you time in tha morning because i cut out all of the unwanted talking lol… getting up early in tha morning and then working out for ten minutes in the morning is the most effective way to loose weight… make sure you watch what you eat also. just a reminder: 1)warm up: jog in place moving both your arms and legs for 30 seconds to 1 minute, or do 30 jumping jack or both 2)lunges: make sure your knees does not pass your toes 3)calves: just raise your heel 4)abs: use ur ab to curl up and do not rock 5)face: helps you get rid of those double chin or prevent it 6)cool down: stretch at the end to let your body know that you are done working out so you wont get cramps. **for better result, after school or work do 10 – 30 minutes of cardio, walking, dancing ect. to loose up to 2 pounds a week**


#1 cleo421


#2 Luis2899

U must break me

#3 adnanafzal100yahoo

@dictkson thank you

#4 moonstars5678

@dictkson can you give the link? :)

#5 CrossfitRJG

Nice Stuff! Check my page i just made a new Pull up VIDEO!

#6 DevineMsC

@TheLadyspirit93 that’s great. It means you’re really getting your workout on!!!!

#7 Seracinfinity

Nice. Been doing this for two days, three times a day and I’m feeling the difference.

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#9 cmk1964

Thanks for going to the trouble of putting this together. It means a good time saving for me.

#10 dictkson

type in “give me 4 week abs” in the search box and click on the video with hearts in the title to learn how to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

#11 SummerTreats99

holy shoot this is hard at the beginning!!!!! omg lunges!!

#12 Twilliamtv

@TheLadyspirit93 That’s really good. It means your muscles are being worked and torn which makes then tighter and stronger :)

#13 VargiVeums

@MrIslandboy083 Nope, thats a young Dolph alright :)

#14 leobeat31

@TheLadyspirit93 yup. It means your muscles were in “sleep mode”. Now that you woke them up doing this, is just a matter of getting used to it and it will stop hurting.

#15 TheLadyspirit93

ok, my butt is hurting and when i laugh my abs area hurts too, is this good?

#16 5waterpolo5


352,9826 calories if you do it right.

#17 elxuRii

Who did that video don’t know what part of the body works each exercise…

#18 MrChance18

That ab workout aint no joke! lol

#19 talusan909

I noticed that people that live the longest and healthy are short and thin people. They don’t exercise hard. They eat less and eat healthy most of the time. They sleep good, relax, less stressful life, and have fun hobbies.

#20 Cabz2018

looks easy but this is day 1 and 5 mins in deff. kicked my ass. GREAT WORKOUT!

#21 Cabz2018

Omg i love the 90’s. this video is awesome…LMAO!

#22 ShineAntares

In the first segment they look like action figures lol

#23 OfficialXaQ

@noahdecoco if you do this every morning with a light cardio workout (20-30 min) (anytime later in the day) you will burn an average of 400-600 calories per day! follow this workout for about a month or two and you will see very nice results! I dragged this out to be about 18-20 min. focusing more on my abs and i saw real results in a little over a week. i greatly recommend this workout to anyone who just needs to tone up their body for the summer!

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somebody wants a medal!!1

#25 payne666


it is surely !!!

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