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What is a good way to lose some stomach fat?

I have a little bit of a gut not that bad and some fat i want to get it atleast flat maybe a little toned by atleast june. So i can go to the beach with nice abs any tips? Thank you in advance

How To Get Ripped Abs?

Does anyone know how i can get ripped abs fast?I have been insome programs of late that promise to teach me how to get ripped abs quick but they end up failing,i would really appreciate it if you can give me some tips on how to get ripped abs?

im thirteen i want a colon cleanse for healthy skin and colon and overall body, i also want to do hip hop abs?

are these things possible for me,
and also i have medium to long curly brown hair and i want to wow my classmates when i arrive at school in the new year, any tips?

I have a pool party to go to in three weeks..I am a thin person and want to tone my abs any suggestions?

Any tips on what to do daily as in exercises?

Trying to lose weight..tips please?

Okay, well I’d like to lose weight in my arms without making them so muscular, my legs (without making them muscular again) and my abs. Any tips of meals throughout the day, easy excersize and ways to watch my appetite for unhealthy foods would really help. Thanks so much!

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