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Eat-Clean Diet

She’s a mother of three who was once sixty pounds overweight. How How Tosca Reno, fitness model and author, turned her life around.

Let’s Paint,Exercise,& Blend Drinks TV!

Host John Kilduff paints while jogging on a treadmill, blends a drink and takes your calls live. www.letspainttv.com http www.cafepress.com letspainttv.blogspot.com stores.ebay.com

HOW TO Improve Video Quality The Cheap Way

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Here is a list of video equipment that will help improve your production quality: I’ll be doing a live chat next week: www.stickam.com -LIGHTING- Clip Lamp (Cheap) www.lightbulbemporium.com Bulb For Clip Lamp (Cheap): www.gelighting.com Work Light (Slightly Cheap): www.lightinguniverse.com Pro Soft Box (Not so cheap): www.amazon.com -CAMERAS- If your going to shop, look at all the camcorders in your price range on cnet.com because they give the best reviews in my opinion. Just remember, sometimes cheaper isn’t always better. Starters: Use a cheaper camcorder to learn with between the prices of $150 – $400. MiniDVs are the best because you may need the tapes for future TV opportunities. Stay away from SVHS, DVD, and Digital8. If your buying your first camcorder, but you don’t have much money then buy the Canon ZR500: reviews.cnet.com Pros: You have 2 choices here… realistic or film-like. For a realistic look, I would recommend the Sony DCR-VX2100 (that’s what I use): reviews.cnet.com If your making videos to be shown on TV, then go with the film-like camcorder. For this, I recommened the Panasonic AG-VX100B (nearly every major TV network is using this for mobile projects): reviews.cnet.com If your going to buy a camera, shop around. Think about the types of videos you plan on making and focus on finding the features that suit you. For example, if you want to shoot at night, then get a camera that is better in low light. If you plan on shooting more day

How to skin a deer the easy way!

If youre uncertain about the best possible way to skin your deer then learn from the experts at Thurn’s Specialty Meats.

EASY RIDER The weight by the band

the best song from easyrider

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