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Realistically, I have been working out for a month, no change in diet and have scene decent results?

I am 20 years old, dont eat very well and i am a small build, about 135 pounds, 5 foot 6. I just started working out a month ago, and have scene results in my shoulders and back. What I am wondering is how long will it take for me to see good results in my abs, and do I have to look at diet in order to get them showing.

Is it safe for a 17 year old to use slendertone abs ?

Hey, i really want to lose weight this year and the only way i think would work right now would be if i brought a slendertone abs kit. but is it safe? my diet is sort of up and down but ive been cutting down at night time. do you think its a major health risk or i should try it out ?

How do you get abs for women?

I know that in order to get abs, you must remove the fat layer hanging over your hidden 6-pack. I was wondering if I should start doing abs in addition to my regular cardio routine and diet (Weight Watchers!) or should I wait until the fat from my stomach mysteriously melts away? If so, what can I do to reduce my bulging belly?


How can I tighten my abs without a tummy tuck?

I will be giving birth soon to what I am planning to be my last child. My plan for myself is to lose all the baby weight, but then I will left with all the skin. In addition to a proper diet, what exercises would you recommend to really tighten my abs? Do you think exercise can work or is plastic surgery necessary to eliminate all the excess skin?

How many days of recovery for abs?

Im only 17. I do back and bis, shoulder and abs, legs, and chest and tris. My diet is strict, and i take a recovery supplement directly after and a protein weight gainer (before and after) So can i work my abs every 3 days? Thanks

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