Will I lose my abs if I were to drink weight gainers after my workouts?

I work out every day and was woundering if I should take a weight gainer. I weigh 130 pounds. Though I do not workout my abs that much anymore will I lose them behind fat if I were to drink the weight gainers? If so, can I work out my abs just as hard as the rest of my body and be able to not lose them from the weight gainer? Thanks

Do you think that the following daily workout program is a good way to get flat abs?

-jog 1 mile
-use the ab circle pro (10 minutes)
-weight lifting (10lb weights)-30X/arm
-20 sit ups
-100 crunches

…how long will this take to work?

What do you guys think about the BEAN workout? The inflatable thing that works your abs.?


The inflatable thing that works your abs and stuff.

Has anybody tried the Bean? Does it really work?

Whats the best workout for my lower abs?

link to videos or pictures would help but if not its the quality that counts!
i want to focus mainly on my lower abdominals

If i do abs workout everyday, is that okay? or need other days?

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